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Calling all MIPCOM Exhibitors!

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Newly finished projects this March

McCabe Design recently took part in the Hospitality Expo in the RDS, Dublin, and we are proud to post our innovative stand design here! Designed to set ourselves apart, we decided to take an unusual route and created the walls of the stand from IKEA storage boxes. These tiled walls incorporated images from our portfolio,signage and a display screen rolling through recent projects. Working within a 3 x 3 meter space, the stand was intended to create an impact visually, without cluttering the small footprint. We feel this was achieved successfully, and we were delighted with the feedback received. With more exhibition projects approaching fast, we look forward to posting more stands in the coming months.


Salon Wonder

Swiss design studio ZMIK have refurbished a hair salon in Basel, wallpapering the entrance with photocopies from Vogue magazine.

We love this design here in the office and think that it is a great use of the space. The contrast between the entrance area and the salon itself adds drama to the overall experience for the end user and is executed beautifully.

Called Nafi, the salon is divided into two distinct areas by the change in wall and floor coverings, from vintage prints and timber flooring in the reception area to the minimal white salon.


Green retail design…

We’re always interested in recyclable idea’s and and ways of working more sustainably…and this interior caught our eye this week, as a great example of how effective simple materials can be. The creative use of corrugated cardboard and cardboard tubes by Francesca Signori in this interior reflect the brand ethos for this ethically conscious store eBarrito. Nice work!


To iPad or not to iPad…

So the debate rolls on, where do you stand? We found this article in the Guardian both interesting and amusing 🙂

“Apple pretends it will make your life more efficient. Come off it. It’s an oblong box that lights up”



Fresh Talent…

We our delighted to announce that a new member has joined our design team!

Paul Finnegan, having recently graduated from DIT in 2009, where he received First Class Honors in Interior & Furniture Design, joins the team in the role of Interior Designer.  Paul has already proven his talents with design proposals for Waterford Crystal, Lifestyle Sports, O2 Retail and the concept design for Swan Cinemas which opened December 2009.

Paul also won Interior Design Student of the Year 2009 from DIT which was sponsored by ourselves at McCabe Design Partnership.

Liberty Hall, Dublin

Lite Haus

Paul’s design thesis proposal was to transform Liberty Hall in Dublin into a five star luxury, design led hotel to be operated with the Morgans Hotel Group – the originators of the “Design Hotel” concept in 1984. By removing the existing interior of the theatre within Liberty Hall, Paul has created a dramatic new entrance to the building.


The existing pre-stressed roof structure has been retained and sprayed white. Five 10m high illuminated glass columns divide the lobby in two with the Lite Bar, the Nite Bar and the Restaurant stacked on one side of this enormous hall. The lobby also features a glass floor with swimming pool below.

Lite Bar

Lite Bar features a 20m long bar and has custom designed modular furniture system on tracks that can be arranged to suit the mood whilst catering for large and small groups. The system includes two seats, a low table, glazed panels and light fittings. The seating is designed to promote interaction between the hotel guests.

Nite Bar

Nite Bar has a duel personality. During the day, it serves as a conference facility/function room for the hotel.  As night time approaches, the edges of the room’s profiles gently illuminate as it transforms into a trendy cocktail bar. The colour of the light changes smoothly through the spectrum or can be set to one colour, depending on the desired ambience.


The Restaurant is elevated on the top of the stack, giving the patrons an elevated view of the lobby. A dramatic atmosphere is achieved by the use of lighting and the contrast between the new installations and the existing roof structure.

The core concept of the entire project is “Interaction” – Interaction of Shape & Form, Interaction of Spaces/Activities within a Space, Interaction of the independently run enterprises which share the site (Gym, Hotel & Cafe), and finally, the Interaction of people within these spaces.


The bedroom suites occupy the majority of the tower and take advantage of the breath-taking view over the capital. The bed itself seems to float above a luxurious yellow carpet. The window sills have been deepened to provide informal seating (there is enough clearance for one to stand/walk too). The console table has been ‘stuck’ into the sill at an angle – it can be used from both sides, using the window to rest your back.


In the basement, there is a private member lifestyle gym, featuring a top of the range spa experience. Hotel guests will also have direct access to these facilities. the 2 lane, 25m pool is located directly below the glazed floor in the lobby – whilst the glass is not directly see through, the light and shadows cast create an atmosphere unique to the project.


Check out www.paulfinnegan.com for further projects and information.


Newly finished projects this January

So McCabe Design bloggers have been off the radar for the last few months…we have been so busy working on our ongoing projects that we’ve found it hard to keep up with our news! One of our most exciting projects of 2009 has come to fruition with the opening of two new pilot concept stores for the national petrol station brand Topaz.

We not only worked with Topaz on envisaging a new concept and style for their interiors, but were responsible for the fit-out of one of the stores. Our concept, which has been well received in store, was to create a more localised experience with the focus on fresh and quality products. Our “Topaz Market” includes the use of bleached wood effect tiles, alongside birch-ply display units and rich solid surface counters.

This is just a snap shot of  what we’re working on currently, we shall keep you posted on more exciting projects throughout 2010!


Our favourite scheme this week…

London designers IY A Studio have completed the interior of a clothing store called Folk Clothing in London that features gym equipment. We love the use of raw materials, such as the florescent tubes and distressed wood. We hope you find it inspiring too!


McCabe Design @ MIPCom

McCabe Design staff on RHI Entertainment Terrace

McCabe Design prides itself on being valued consultant in both the interiors and exhibition design fields, and as part of this we are looking forward to taking care of a number of important clients at this years MIPCom market at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. Members of our exhibition team will travel to France this week in preparation for the markets commencement next Monday 5th October. We have been involved in this vibrant entertainment content exhibition for many years and we continue to grow, depending on the quality of our design, build and customer service. To see some of our clients stands in more detail, please visit www.mod.ie, and we look forward to meeting you there!

100% Design & TENT London have been conquered!

Earls Court EntranceWith tired feet, excited minds and packs full of business cards and brochures, we traipsed away from this years 100% Design. But we had huge smiles on our faces as we stepped back out into the blistering sunshine that September afternoon, as we felt fulfilled by what we had encountered. Broken into 3 sections, this years exhibition covered 100% Design, 100% Materials & Details and 100% Futures. We were most impressed by the representation of countries such as Norway and Poland who had showcased their countries talented designers, and we were also intrigued by some work presented by recent English graduates, who’s ideas were less commercial but highly innovative. The GrayConcrete stand was impressive in its simplicity, and we are going to look for ways to include this material into our future designs (www.grayconcrete.co.uk) and we enjoyed the craftsmanship and retro stylings of &Then Design (www.andthendesign.co.uk)

TENT London Entrance

On we ventured to the Truman Brewery of the now hip Brick Lane in North East London, to TENT London. A younger brother of 100% Design, this exhibition combined innovative furniture and digital presentations. We found this part of the festival particularly enjoyable, not only due to its fine location, but due to the number of unique and well crafted products within. Much more focused on up and coming talent and ideas, we took away details of Zoe Murphy’s bespoke printed furniture (zoemurphy.com)  and of an ingenious new gadget called Wattson that will help us all focus on the amount of electricity we are using around our homes (http://www.diykyoto.com/uk).

Though the exhibition had been described as smaller this year, we felt the quality of products on display were high. So many studios around London were also part of the design trail, really enhancing the feel that the entire city was involved in the festival this year. We look forward to getting our teeth into some of the new products and to visiting again next year…and hopefully to be greeted by the same wonderful weather!


Newly finished projects in September

Honda showroom interior

It has been a busy month in McCabe Design Partnership, and we are again proud to announce completion of a number of key projects for the company. We have been involved in updating the interior branding of four Honda showrooms, in Dublin, Navan and Cork. Our longstanding partnership with Honda Ireland has continued successfully and we are looking forward to future projects together.

International Markets Week 2009

We have also undertaken the role of exhibition designers for Enterprise Ireland’s current International Markets Week exhibition. We have worked with the team in putting together spaces in Shannon and Dublin, which are currently bustling with business representatives from around the country. International Markets week provides opportunity to companies to meet with Enterprise Ireland’s international marketing staff to discuss development in global markets. We will hope to post photo’s from this project soon.


Livraria da Vila; An interesting retail space.

Bookstore Brazil

As featured on coolboom.net, this bookstore in Sao Paulo deserves a little heads up! It’s a minimal design, but creates a comfortable and welcoming space for its customers. Set over three floors, one floor is entirely dedicated to children. The entrance is a particularly commendable feature, with the wall of books turning to create portals into the space. As we have worked for many years with Hughes & Hughes bookstores we are always on the look out for interesting new designs in this area.

bookstore interior

Newly finished projects in August

O2 Carlow

We are proud to say that as part of our continued relationship with mobile phone giant O2 we were involved in the completion of five new stores this August. Stores in Carlow, Buncrana, Newross, Rathfarnham and Nenagh were all project managed to completion by our team of designers. There’s no stopping here of course, work continues on a number of locations and we hope to announce further store launches soon.

O2 retail interior


IKEA furniture is not the only star of their show!

We know that the IKEA furniture experience divides opinion not only in Ireland but around the world, with designers embarking on philosophical arguments over the merits and downfalls of the flat pack giant. We were however interested to read an amusing review of the IKEA restaurant in the newly opened Dublin store, by renowned Irish food critic Tom Doorley. Have a read below, and we hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Ikea Restaurant Dublin

Flat-pack food that’s surprisingly good
AS EXERCISES IN lunacy go, it went quite well. By which I mean our visit to Ikea, arriving shortly after noon on a Sunday, involved no physical injury or near-suffocation.
The first bit was almost spooky: thousands of people emerging from their cars, and walking with unnatural calm towards the great coloured temple, in vast crocodiles. Had we all extended our arms in front of us it might have resembled mass sleepwalking.
All of Irish life was represented. There were men who would have preferred a livestock sale; small, dazed children being wheeled in trolleys; furtive matrons, expensively dressed, there because of the economic climate; people wearing black, working out dimensions on their iPhones; men with the kind of glasses that spell out “I am an architect”; couples with big earrings, tattoos and buggies; students arguing loudly about the subjectivity of taste; husbands under hypnosis; bribed teenagers; at least one TD; and one ex-con (not the same person).
Actually, we had a whale of a time. There was a pleasant community spirit, people exchanging smiles and pleasantries. And I found a chair, for little money, that suits my back. Also, a solution to the shelving problem in the study (lots of space, little money) has been found.
But first of all, we repaired to Ikea’s vast restaurant, which, by 12.30pm, was packed. Once again, there was a strange sense of calm, as if the customers had been mildly sedated. With that characteristic efficiency that the Swedes have brought to Saabs, sex and seating, long queues were processed in no time.
The food, by and large, was really rather good, and, perhaps more importantly in the times in which we live, astonishingly cheap. Put it like this: the five of us had a great deal to eat, much of it very good, soft drinks, bottled water and coffee, and the bill came to a few cents more than €40. There was a plate of gravadlax, four large slices of it, with the usual sweetish mustardy sauce, for €3.90. And it was good gravadlax, not the sweaty, fishy sort.
Prawns and hard-boiled egg on brown bread – an elegant little pick-me-up – cost €2.95. Haddock, encased in a breadcrumb overcoat, was good, even if the coating could have been crisper, and its accompanying chips were a touch flaccid but, bloody hell, only €5.50 – with tartare sauce thrown in. Level-pegging with the haddock was organic pasta (a kind of penne) with tomato sauce, a very generous helping for – pinch yourself – €1.95. The pasta was properly cooked, the sauce was chunky, suitably tomatoey and decently seasoned. All it needed was a dusting of Parmesan, but Ikea doesn’t do Parmesan.
Then there were the Swedish meatballs, which were . . . well, fine, if you’re really hungry. They resemble those meaty things you can buy in Lidl and Aldi, and which seem a good idea before you discover they have an off-putting springy, spongy character. They came with the traditional beige sauce and a generous dollop of very sweet lingonberry relish. You get 10 meatballs for €3.95.
The Scandinavians have brought us not just brilliant design at affordable prices but also the Daim (formerly Dime) bar. Ikea sells Daim bar cake for €1.50 a slice, one of the most seductive pathways to diabetes you are likely to find (the €1 for your soft drink, followed by limitless refills, a deal that extends to perfectly potable coffee, could point in this direction too).
Anyway, the Daim cake is just gorgeous. Little Swedish cakes for 70 cent divided opinion among us, but reminded me that I don’t like pistachio marzipan. A strawberry tartlet for €2.25 was fine. I’ve no doubt that, great value aside, Ikea’s food will be subject to a degree of snootiness. Personally, I think it’s great, even if I wouldn’t want to eat there every day.

McCabe Design to attend 100% Design London

100% Design

Yippee, we’ve made our booking and are all ready to jet over to London at the end of September for the well respected 100% Design exhibition and Tent London as part of London’s Design Festival. We’re looking forward to learning about new products and materials that are coming onto the market and hopefully spotting some talented Irish designers that will be showcased. Keep an eye out here for our news after visiting, we’ll ,make sure to post some photo’s our favourite finds from the visit.

Anyone else who’s interested should visit;  www.100percentdesign.co.uk and www.tentlondon.co.uk to find out more 🙂


Welcome to our News Blog!

McCabe Design

So at last we have joined the masses and entered the world of blogging! We are looking forward to updating both our clients and design-led minds on our work and the work we admire from around the world. Not only will you see photo’s of our new projects, but discussion points on manufacturing techniques, and comments on new designs from leading designers around the world. We look forward to starting this news forum and hope we can encourage debate 🙂

Come back soon to read about how this experiment unfolds!