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Laura Carey, promising Irish artist!

We came across the work of Laura Carey on Australia’s established art & design magazine Frankie’s website. We we’re then linked onto a her blogsite and shop where we found some great work inspired by suburbia. Laura Carey’s work has been heavily based around her personal relationship to suburban life, having been intrigued by the mass of suburban landscape that surrounded her in Dublin. Her work looked at our evaluation of the landscape in which we live, the known sphere around us in which we discover our place in the world and our own relationship to it. Laura is currently based in Sydney, a thriving culture of art and design, where she is finding new inspiration for her current work.

Great work Laura, we look forward to seeing more!



Salon Wonder

Swiss design studio ZMIK have refurbished a hair salon in Basel, wallpapering the entrance with photocopies from Vogue magazine.

We love this design here in the office and think that it is a great use of the space. The contrast between the entrance area and the salon itself adds drama to the overall experience for the end user and is executed beautifully.

Called Nafi, the salon is divided into two distinct areas by the change in wall and floor coverings, from vintage prints and timber flooring in the reception area to the minimal white salon.


Green retail design…

We’re always interested in recyclable idea’s and and ways of working more sustainably…and this interior caught our eye this week, as a great example of how effective simple materials can be. The creative use of corrugated cardboard and cardboard tubes by Francesca Signori in this interior reflect the brand ethos for this ethically conscious store eBarrito. Nice work!


Hands up who wants to work in an office like this!

Well, I suppose we’d never get any work done, but we would all be pool sharks after a few months 😉

This is the office of Parliament Design, a creative company in Portland, Oregon. The design features a number of pieces made from salvaged and reclaimed materials, including salvaged pizza ovens, street signs and wood from of crates, a barn and a church.


To iPad or not to iPad…

So the debate rolls on, where do you stand? We found this article in the Guardian both interesting and amusing 🙂

“Apple pretends it will make your life more efficient. Come off it. It’s an oblong box that lights up”



Our favourite scheme this week…

London designers IY A Studio have completed the interior of a clothing store called Folk Clothing in London that features gym equipment. We love the use of raw materials, such as the florescent tubes and distressed wood. We hope you find it inspiring too!


Livraria da Vila; An interesting retail space.

Bookstore Brazil

As featured on coolboom.net, this bookstore in Sao Paulo deserves a little heads up! It’s a minimal design, but creates a comfortable and welcoming space for its customers. Set over three floors, one floor is entirely dedicated to children. The entrance is a particularly commendable feature, with the wall of books turning to create portals into the space. As we have worked for many years with Hughes & Hughes bookstores we are always on the look out for interesting new designs in this area.

bookstore interior